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Agisting / Boarding

Most alpacas purchased from us include a negotiated free agisting period, but we understand that not everyone is able to, or ready to, have their alpacas on their own property. This is why Blooming Field Farm is opening it's gates to agist (board) several more alpacas. Because cutting corners is not an option and animal care is a number one priority, we have decided to limit the number of animals on our farm and currently (October 2015) we have room for (4) more.

The exterior of all our pastures is 100% surrounded with a 61" fixed knot woven wire predator fence. To ensure that we never encountered the horrors of an alpaca injuring themselves on braided line or electric fencing, we splurged and put a similar woven wire fence throughout the interior. We encourage, and want you to come inspect our facilities for yourself.

When an alpaca is staying at Blooming Field Farm, it receives the same attention and quality care that we provide our own.

We have the capabilities to segregate pastures for:

  • Weanlings
  • Adult/open, pregnant and unproven females
  • Yearling males
  • Adult males

Herd Maintenance - Performed Every 45 Days:

  • Recorded weight
  • Trim nails if needed
  • Close up overall physical check up (eyes, teeth, physical abnormalities, etc.)
  • Fecals taken during maintenance and sent to Cornell or MidAmerica Research Lab for analysis ( Lab costs transferred to owner )

Routine Maintenance:

  • We live on our farm and monitor the animals daily
  • Hay is always available and grains (Norm Evans Maintenance blend) is provided once a day
  • Internal parasites are treated with oral medications as needed (no whole-herd treatments)
  • 24/7 Emergency vet care through local Camelid specialists
  • De-worming (Dectomax) - every 45 days
  • "Bean" pickups occur daily


  • Detailed Records are Recorded in Alpaca Ease Software
  • Owner Mentoring & Consulting are included in boarding fee

For additional information or to arrange an appointment please contact us.