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Teeth Trimming

Males from about two years old will begin to grow their "fighting teeth." These sharp, curved canines are used by the male alpacas to help determine herd dominance and can easily split or tear an ear. To prevent injuries among the males, it’s recommended that you saw / blunt the canines. This can be done with a number of tools, but a simple OB wire saw seems to do the trick.

Alpaca incisors are open-rooted and continue to grow throughout their entire life. This endless growth can present itself as an issue for animals with poor occlusion of the incisors and dental pad and may require periodic tooth trimming. Tooth trimming can stress the animal, so incisors should not be trimmed unless they present a significant problem to the alpaca’s health or welfare. To determine if trimming is necessary, seek the advice of your vet.

Once you have determined that an animal requires tooth trimming, you should ask yourself if you’re comfortable doing the job yourself. If you are, then we recommend investing in a “tooth-o-matic” as it greatly reduces animal stress and safely gets the job done in just seconds. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself or the thought of cutting teeth makes you squeamish, then we may be able to help. 


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